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  • Look around your neighbourhood, checking places that would be familiar to your pet.
  • Talk to your neighbours and let them know. Other pet owners are usually very happy to help in your search.
  • Phone the Owen Sound Animal Shelter (519) 372-1123 or email your information along with a picture ASAP.
  • Use the Lost and Found link, or CanadaStrays.com to add your pet to their database.
  • Check our Lost web page - check through Petfinder.com or CanadaStrays.com for a listing of animals found in your area.
  • Phone area animal shelters and file a report.
  • Put posters up in your neighbourhood (by-laws permitting). Many stores have places where you can put posters.
  • Contact the veterinarian who issued the rabies tag. Someone may have called them trying to track you down. Another veterinarian could have seen the pet brought in by a concerned citizen.
  • If you've just moved from another neighbourhood, maintain contact with friends and neighbours who would know your pet.
  • Place an advertisement in your local newspaper - Owen Sound Sun Times (519) 372-4300 or Tribune (519) 371-7323.


  • Read dog tag to find owner information.
  • Check with local veterinarians
  • Phone the Owen Sound Animal Shelter (519) 372-1123 or email your information along with a picture.
  • Use the Lost and Found or CanadaStrays.com for listings of animals.
  • Some newspapers give free listings for lost and/or found pets.
  • Use bulletin boards to display posters of the animal.
  • If you are unable to provide adequate interim care, you can surrender the pet to your local Animal Shelter.

This Shelter services the City of Owen Sound, Georgian Bluffs, Hanover, Saugeen First Nations and Saugeen Shores. We are also the holding Shelter for Grey Highlands Animal Control.

Contact us at 519-372-1123 or osas@bmts.com.