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By-Law Dealing with Dangerous Dogs - The Council of the Corporation of the City of Owen Sound hereby enacts the following by-law (read more ... click here).

Responsibilities of the Animal Owner

We remind all dog owners that they are responsible for the immediate removal of excrement left by their dogs anywhere in the City. At present, some dog owners are not cleaning up after their dogs. The City's By-Law #1993-132, as amended, was passed to control such problems.

All dogs must be on a leash which is held by a person or otherwise physically restrained when the dog is not on its owner's premises. The practice of tying dogs to public street lights etc. while shopping is discouraged because of the safety problems that arise. A maximum of 3 dogs per household is permitted in the City. All dogs over the age of 6 months must be registered and licensed for each calendar year and the tag must be securely fixed on the dog at all times.

Tag Prices

                             Before Mar 31st                        After Mar 31st
First Fixed Dog                 $ 20.00                                $ 30.00 

Additional Fixed                $ 20.00                                $ 30.00 

First Unfixed                    $ 35.00                                $ 45.00 

Additional Unfixed             $ 35.00                                $ 45.00 
Dangerous Dog or
Potentially Dangerous
Dog                                $200.00                               $250.00 

                                               ONE-TIME FEE
Fixed Cat                                         $30.00
Unfixed Cat                                      $45.00 

Tags can be purchased at the Shelter during regular business hours or at City Hall.

Responsibilities of Cat Owners

There is no limit to the number of cats allowed in one household, however, cats are NOT ALLOWED to freely roam the City streets. When not on the property of the owner, the animal must be leashed. There is a one-time licensing fee for all cats.

If the cat has been neutered, the cost is $30.00. If the cat is not neutered, the cost is $45.00. For further information, please contact the By-Law Department at (519) 376-1440.

Note to owners of Pit Bulls or any dog who may pass as this breed.
Ontario's Pit Bull ban takes effect on August 29, 2005.

Ontario's Pit Bull ban is now in effect - 60 days to comply. Please ensure your dog(s) is: chipped, tattooed, wearing id, and leashed at all times.  In the event that your dog slips away, contact the Shelter immediately. In an emergency after hours contact us at 519-373-5721. 

All of these dogs will be required by law to be leashed and muzzled at all times while in public. You must have proof of vaccines and spay or neuter information. All of these dogs will be required to wear an obvious form of ID. The complete legislation and regulations should be viewed on the website of the Attorney General.

For the purposes of the Act a pit bull is defined as:  A pit bull terrier, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, an American Staffordshire Terrier, an American Pit Bull Terrier, a dog that has an appearance or physical characteristic substantially similar to any of those dogs.

Owning a Restricted "Pit Bull" in Ontario

  1. Current owners may keep existing dogs or those born within 90 days after August 29, 2005 as long as they comply with the Act;
  2. After the ban comes into effect, a person who did not own any pit bulls may acquire one (1) restricted pit bull; and
  3. A person who owned one (1) or more pit bulls on August 29, 2005 will be able to acquire more as long as the number does not exceed the total owned on August 29, 2005.

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