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This Shelter is a no-kill facility which services the City of Owen Sound, Georgian Bluffs, Hanover, Saugeen First Nations and Saugeen Shores. We are also the holding facility for Grey Highlands Animal Control. Contact us at (519) 372-1123 or

A rabies vaccination clinic is scheduled for September 29th, 2018 at the Owen Sound Animal Shelter.

On September 29th, 2018 a Rabies Clinic will be held to assist the public in having their pets vaccinated against rabies. This public Rabies Clinic will provide rabies vaccines on this date ONLY.

The hours of will be from 10 am until 2 pm.

The Rabies Clinic will be held at 2125 18th Avenue, East, in the City of Owen Sound at the Owen Sound Animal Shelter (OSAS) with vaccines administered by local veterinarians.

Rabies vaccines will cost $25.00 per animal. All transactions on this day will be cash only.

These vaccines are one year Rabies vaccines.

It should be noted that these rabies vaccines will not include a physical exam or other important vaccines. We encourage each pet owner to have their pets attend their regular visits with their veterinarian. Only dogs and cats in good health will be given a rabies vaccine.


All animals in attendance are to be leashed, or caged, and owners will be required to poop and scoop. Dogs under restrictions of Bill 132 must be muzzled and leashed at all times.



'Bob' was on the Mix with 
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Persia was on Rogers

New Year, new tag needed

City of Owen Sound, pets are to be licensed in accordance with By-law No. 2011-155 and By-law No. 2011-156. These By-laws require dogs to be licensed annually and cats once for their lifetime.

Dog tags are being sold at a discount price before March 31, 2017 of 20.00 for fixed dogs, and 35.00 for non fixed. The price will go up to 30.00 and 45.00 after that date.

Cat tags are 30.00 for fixed and 45.00 for non fixed.

Tags may be obtained at the Owen Sound Animal Shelter located at 2125 18th Avenue East, or at City Hall, 808 2nd Ave East, Owen Sound.

The Owen Sound Animal Shelter is considering holding a microchip clinic. The cost of this will be $30.00 for each animal (dog or cat). If you would be interested in this service you need to pre-register by sending us an inbox on facebook, emailing or giving the shelter a call at 519 372 1123. We will need to know your name, phone number, number of animals coming as well as their info (species, age, breed).


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