The Minister's Page

Rev. David Chang is the Minister of Knox Presbyterian Church in Tiverton and St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in Glammis.

David holds a Bachelors degree in Theology from Presbyterian University & Theological Seminary (PUTS) in South Korea, and a Masters in Divinity from Knox College, Toronto.

Prior to coming to Toronto, David served as Youth Coordinator, Ministerial Intern, and Worship Leader at Knox-Zion Presbyterian Church in Carberry, MB, for three years. While he was studying at Knox College, David served as a volunteer worship leader at Queen Street East Presbyterian Church and offered pulpit supply in several Korean, Canadian and multi-cultural churches in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. As well, he finished his one year Theological Field Education at University Presbyterian Church in Toronto.

David has a special interest in Christian love and hope. His particular passion is struggling to understand the relationship between the reality of God and human life & death, as well as between God's love and human suffering. He understands his primary calling is to equip all ages for ministry using his gifts in preaching, leadership and music and to help them make connections between the scripture and life lived.

In his spare time, David loves singing, playing the guitar, watching movies, reading theological books, and interacting with people from all stages and circumstances of life.

David is married to Yoomi Kim, who graduated from Brandon University, Brandon, MB, with a Masters of Music degree in Piano Performance. Yoomi has assisted David's Youth and Music Ministries and has been involved in many church and community choirs and praise bands for over fifteen years as a Pianist in both Korea and Canada. Yoomi and David are enjoying their first newborn baby girl, Rilee.

Our Community

Tiverton is a small but growing village of approximately one thousand people located on the eastern shores of Lake Huron. This congregation enjoys approximately 200 members and 200 active adherents. The people are predominantly farmers or hydro workers at the nearby Nuclear Power Plant. We also rub shoulders with a growing Amish community.

Our congregation is truly ecumenical. The outside of our building may proclaim that we are Presbyterian but the inside enjoys a variety of denominations worshipping together.

It is truly a community church taking an active part in Fall Fairs, Winterfest celebrations, skating parties, Christian Faith Festivals, etc. We are also actively involved with the senior's residence in our village. It is a constant challenge to arrange worship around the different community themes and we eagerly reach out in fun and informal ways to the unchurched. We believe that God has a sense of fun and does not enjoy dreary worship any more than we do. Although we do observe the solemn times in our church calendar and have even added a couple of our own, such as memorial candle lighting on All Saint's Sunday and a Taize service for Ash Wednesday.

This congregation has a strong sense of mission, being very active in the Canadian Crop Share program as well as many other outreach ministries. Every Sunday we include adult and youth lay participation. Our Youth play an important role in church life, readers, ushers, soloists, can be as young as six years. it is important for all ages to take an active part in worship to understand that God hears all our voices, not just those of ordained clergy. We also enjoy a "Celebrate the Youth Service" on the Sunday before Halloween. In summary, this community plays together, prays together and supports each other through all the joys and sorrows of life. We enjoy the simple faith of rural folk and we know that God walks with each one of us regardless of whether we are a farmer in the cow barn or an executive in the office.

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