Last Update Jan. 12th, 2016

Knox Tiverton

Church Directory


Clergy: Rev. David Chang

Study Phone: 519-368-7235 (Thursday - Saturday)

Manse Phone: 519-368-0330

Church Email:

Web Site:

Music Director: Liz Dadson

Clerk of Session: Heather Catto 519-368-7875

Treasurer: Gladys Munro 519-368-7415

Envelope Secretary: Cora Lee Dobson 519-368-7163

Church School Co-Ordinator: Heidi Pasley 519-368-4881

Board of Managers Chair: Carolyn Hamilton 519-368-7116

Use of Building: Heather and John Hunter 519-368-7476

Custodian: Eldon Roppel 519-368-7113

Knox News Editors: Cheryl Cottrill

W.M.S. Secretary: Rosemary Grover 519-368-7789

Sanctuary Flowers: Gerda Roppel, Chuck Exel, and Judy Semple

To borrow items from the kitchen: Heather Catto 519-368-7875 -or- Rosemary Grover 519-368-7789

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